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What is Pipe and Sewer Inspection Cable?

Pipe inspection cables and sewer inspection cables are also commonly referred to as pushrod cables or push rod cables. This term reflects the stiffness of the cable due to a fiberglass rod filler built into the cable. This fiberglass rod allows the cable to be easily deployed in the pipe or sewer line. This type of cable is commonly fitted with a camera system to inspect pipes and sewer lines. A camera system is typically attached to the end of the cable which allows an operator to see any cracks, imperfections, blockages or any other areas of concern. Another method of inspecting a pipe or sewer system would be to attach sensors to the cable. This too allows an operator to detect problem areas within a pipe system. Both methods are meant to be non-destructive and assist in pinpointing specific areas of concern. Whether a sensor or camera is used, Galaxy can provide the necessary cable to fit the requirements for this application.


Galaxy has strong experience in helping customers design pipe and sewer inspection cables. Galaxy understands the harsh environments that these cables will be used in and can recommend the right types of compounds and materials required to ensure the final cable design will work as intended. Galaxy understands that cable used must be able to handle extreme and harsh environments, so these cables are designed and built to be tough. Galaxy can provide high quality pipe and sewer inspection cable while remaining cost effective.

FAQs about Pipe and Sewer Inspection Cable

Does Galaxy offer pipe / sewer inspection camera or sensor systems?


Do all pipe inspection cables / sewer inspection cables require a fiberglass rod filler?

No. In some cases, the cable used must be more flexible due the nature or complexity of the pipe or sewer system. In these instances, a fiberglass filler would not be desirable because would limit the flexibility of the cable.

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