LSZH Cable and LSZH Wire, Halogen Free Cable & Wire, Low Smoke Cable & Wire

Railway 欧宝体育最新版本Galaxy是一个领先的低烟零卤素(LSZH)电缆供应商,提供定制和库存LSZH电缆和LSZH线。LSZH电缆通常使用安全性以及性能和可靠性至关重要。它们通常指定用于高度填充的封闭式公共空间,其中阻燃,低烟雾生产和燃烧过程中的毒性/腐蚀性气体排放减少至关重要。

What is LSZH Cable?

LSZH cable/wire refers to cables where the cable jacketing and insulation is made with materials that produce low/limited smoke and non-toxic halogens when exposed to fire or high temperatures. There is also low smoke cable and zero halogen cable / halogen free cable.

Benefits of LSZH Cable


What is Halogen Free Cable?


What is Low Smoke Cable?

Low smoke cable/wire, also called limited smoke cable, refers to cables where the cable jacketing and insulation is made with materials that produce no or only small amounts of smoke when exposed to fire or high temperatures. These low smoke cables are used when halogen considerations are minimal.

LSZH Applications


  • Railway and subway stations and cars, buses and bus stations, airplanes and airports, other mass transit facilities
  • 任何公共地下或通风不佳的位置
  • Public entertainment and sports facilities
  • Apartment buildings and hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Computer/data centers


In some locations, there are regulations that require the use of low smoke zero halogen wire/cable. Local codes should be checked to see if LSZH wires are required.

Galaxy Differentiators / Advantages for LSZH Cable / Halogen Free Cable / Low Smoke Cable

Galaxy has successfully transitioned a large number of cable projects from unapproved cable specifications to cables that now meet stringent low smoke zero halogen requirements. This expertise and experience is a strong reason to choose Galaxy for LSZH cable.



Galaxy offers LSZH, halogen free, and low smoke insulation and jacket material for cable with:

  • Multiple configurations
  • Multiple conductors
  • Various shielding options
  • 复合结构
  • Various colors


LSZH cable and wire from Galaxy is available with the following materials:

  • TPU
  • TPE
  • Olefin based
  • Silicone

LSZH Cable Technical Specifications

Galaxy offers LSZH cable in the following ranges of technical specifications:

  • Gauge: full range, based upon application requirements
  • 电压:范围基于应用要求确定
  • Temperature: full range of temperature options based upon application requirements
  • Approvals: numerous compounds that can be listed with various agency approvals (e.g.UL/CSA)


Can a LSZH cable be made with with PVC?
No. PVC will outgas chlorine when it burns. When water mixes with chlorine, it forms hydrochloric acid, which is harmful to people and equipment.

Can a LSZH cable be made with with Teflon®?
No. Teflon® will outgas fluorine when it burns. Fluorine gas is very dangerous – at high concentrations it can cause death, and at low concentrations it causes eye and nose irritations. If high temperature is required, silicone is a possible alternative.


Terminology Notes

There are various terms used in the wire and cable industry related to this type of cable. They include, but are not limited to:

  • LSZH =低烟零卤素
  • LSNH = low smoke non halogen
  • LSHF = low smoke halogen free
  • LS0H = low smoke zero (0) halogen
  • 0HLS = zero halogen low smoke
  • LSF = low smoke, fume
  • NHFR = Nonhalogen, flame retardant
  • HFFR = Halogen free, flame retardant
  • HF = Halogen free
  • LS = low, limited smoke
  • FRLS =耐火,低烟
  • LH = low halogen


接触Galaxyfor further assistance with low smoke zero halogen cable and wire and halogen free cable/wire.

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